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Ultimate Guide For All Vocations (keylogger Acc) 50-250+(G
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: Berylia
Profesja: Paladin
Dołączył: 22 Sty 2010
Posty: 7
Skąd: WWA!
Poziom: 1
HP: 0/18
MP: 8/8
EXP: 6/9
Wysłany: 2010-01-22, 16:53   Ultimate Guide For All Vocations (keylogger Acc) 50-250+(G


Lets Start.

[color="Orange"]Guild for Knight and Paly.[/color]

[color="SeaGreen"]From level 30 to level 60(Paly)[/color] [color="SeaGreen"]- You can easly hunt on Tar Tomb After Scarab Coin. There should be some profit and like 50k/h. Till 60 lvl paly is better to get money.[/color]

[color="SeaGreen"]From level 50 to level 80-90(Knight)[/color] [color="SeaGreen"]- Buy better EQ and go on Port Hope Tortoises/Chakoyas/Apes/Lizards or even Barbarians.[/color]

[color="SeaGreen"]From level 60 to level 90(Paly)[/color][color="SeaGreen"]- Now you should make ice island Quest and go on Helheim. There will be like 70k/h with some profit or same like Knight Barbarians/Apes/Lizards.[/color]

[color="Sienna"]Level 90+[/color] [color="Sienna"]From now both profesions can bot on Edron/Venore Dragon Lair. For sure to have a profit you need to have soft boots there. Exp is like 90k/1h.[/color]

[color="Sienna"]Level 110+[/color] [color="Sienna"]Draggons will be boring after some lvl-s. So now you can change your exp spot on Yalahar Heros/Necros or GS banuta on Paly.[/color]

[color="Red"]From now both vocations should have Softs and Full Sets.
In the way from 1 till 200 lvl you will have some bonus cash from quests like:
-Demon Helmet Quest.

[color="DarkOrchid"]Level 130+[/color] [color="DarkOrchid"]- Now your chars will be able to Bot on many Tibia Spots.
I will discribe about few of them.
-Frost Dragons. Exp: 110-120k/1h no profit on Knight till 150 LvL.
-Quaras. Exp: 90k/1h both voc have profit here.
-POI/Fenrock DL-s with firewalker boots. Exp: 150k/1h i think waste without big luck.
- Worker/War Golems. Exp: 100k/1h Big Profit.[/color]

[color="Red"]Remember to stand diagonal to monster which attac are waves/beams.[/color]

I will add some usefull places to bot in a future.

[color="#ffa500"]Mage Guide[/color]

LEVEL 50 - 60.

[color="Lime"]Is time to go NARGOR if you have some money to waste. If you haven't enough money, still botting dworcs.
SET: Use the same set of Dworcs, but if you haven't BOH, buy them.
Still making icicles or in case of sorcs magic walls/gfb.
PIRATE GHOST WAYPOINTS & TARGETING u can find in pack.[/color]

LEVELS 60-80

[color="Magenta"]PG TIME! From these levels, I really recommend to buy premium, PG like a no-lifer. You can easily do this in a week if you have no life. Pg in Venore/Edron Dragon Lair, Drefia Necro's, from level 60+ frost dragons (hardcore), ancient scarabs, Goroma Cults/Bonebeast island from level 60.
If you still want to bot, I think that you could try to bot pirate ghosts on nargor. Its a nice place, usually empty. [/color]

[color="Blue"]From Level 70+ I suggest you not to bot anymore, if you really want to bot, bot tombs or Drefia Necros . These levels I suggest you not to bot anymore, if you really want to bot, bot tombs or Drefia Necros . Mages - Levels 90-200+
Manual PG Frost Dragons (exevo gran mas vis them after level 200) Druid should do the same in PoI Dl's. Bot dragon lairs (with magma set and good scripts), pg Warlocks with SD's, you can still bot/pg tombs if you want to. At really high levels, try to (team) hunt demons.[/color]

LEVEL 70 - 130.

[color="Pink"]Level some where to lv 70 or Stay in Nargor to get lv 70.
IS time for water elementals! Everything here is nice, exp, loot, resp...

Also Good Guide For Pally

My Scripts Features:
* Depositor
* Soft Refiller
* Spear Refiller
* Hp/Mp Refiller
* Easy configurable BP's System

My scripts start at level 20, then make sure you are level 20, with good skills (I particularly trained to 60/xx before starting to use these scripts).

Below will tell you that my scripts will hunt, giving a prior notification of each place.

[color="Navy"]Level 40 to 65 - Ankrahmun - Scarabs- 25~30K/HourBonus
Level 40 to 65 - Ankrahmun - Peninsula Tomb- 23~27K/Hour
Level 45 to 65 - Yalahar Alchemist Quarter[/B]
My script will hunt mutated humans, and some mutated rats, and those new slimes. the exp will also be good, ranging between 40 ~ 50k/Hour, the money will also be very good if you're lucky, you may get tower shields. needed some food.

Level 65 to 85 - Svargrond - Helheim -3
My script will hunt demon skeletons and bone beasts in heleim, on the 3rd floor of the basement, here's good that people will rarely hunt, the money is quiet, good or bad, at least not waste. the exp will be between 45 ~ 60k/Hour. You will also need food.

Level 85 to 110 - Edron - Bog Raiders - 70K/HourBonus
Level 85 to 110 - Svargrond - Ice With Tower - 70K/Hour
Level 85 to 110 - Yalahar Foreign Quarter
My script will hunt dragons in Yalahar, the exp here is good, ranging from 70 ~ 90k/Hour, the problem is that people always have these spawns, but if you get the spawn, stay for a long time!

Level 110 to 130++ - Helheim -5
Level 110 to 130++ - Cults Goroma

Here begins the good thing, never have people hunting these spawns, then you can put ON your bot, and leave it there all day without problems, here's always a nice profit, dropping rares and items of addon.A exp is practically the same in both places, ranging from 90 ~ 110k/Hour. You will need food in both places.

The current package ends here, as I'm getting more levels and in needing more scripts, I'll post here, and warn those who have bought the old package.

Do not worry, it is not virus, will send the scripts 1 by 1, not a zip file.
I had already made a topic like this, but someone has deleted, or something happened and I do not know,

If you know other good places to hunt, post here and you i'll help me. :)

[color="Red"]Here you can download one package with most of those scripts:[/color]

-Sea serpents with soft refiller, depositer and mana refiller AND task hunter
-Scripts from lvl 1 to lvl 300! 100% afk
-heros/necros with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rat's Yalahar with TASKS maker, refiller, depositer.
-Fenrock dragonlair depositer
-Liberty Bay Wyrms - SMALL SPAWN - Depositers/Refiller
-Yalahar Arena 90-110k/h Master Sorcerer 80 LVL depositer/refiller.
-Liberty Bay Earth Elementals & Nightstalkers -1 = refiller/depositer
-Darashia Dragons + sb refil + depositer + mf buyer + rare depositer
-Mutated Rats/Bat/Tigers @ Yalahar Arena MONEYMAKER!!
-Blue djins with depositer and mana refiller
-Mutated Rats/Tigers/Bats Yalahar Arena 100% AFK for PALADIN
-Barbarians Krimhorn (BIG camp+Tower)
-Okolnir South-West Mage + Depositer + Refiller (100+ / 180k/hr)
-Cave Worker Golems 100 % AFK ! REFiller 100k/h DEPOSITER ! FOR PALLYS !
-Mutated Rat Towers 100~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Mutated Arena 100~~125k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Sea Serpents SVAR 130~~180k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-LB NightStalkers 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Yalahar Cults 120~~130k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Giant Spider Yalahar 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Edron Dragons 70~~90k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro/Hero Yalahar West 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Haunted Treeling Yalahar/Vengoth 100~~140k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Necro Goroma (Ramoa) 90~~120k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Darashia Dragons 90~~110k/h 100% AFK (depositer,refil,...)
-Dark Cathedral [ 100% AFK ]
-water elementals refiller + rox targeting.
-Full banuta's ground + towers -perfect depositer-
-Venore Orc Tower + Gold Depositer
-Malada Quara Scouts (80-150k/h)
-Edron d lair,perfect poh with depositer good items and manarestore
-yalahar cults (100k/h) profit - with everything
-LB nighstalker (80k/h) profit
-Workers golem (100-150k/h) - profit depend on luck - with everything
-Apes (60 - 80k/h) - big profit
-Yalahar Arena (90-110kh) always profitable - with everything
-Darashia Dragons (80-100kh) - profit big, with everything
-Water Elemtanls (140-160k/h) - profit
-Zao/Fermine Scripts
- Frost Dragons - +depositer, +mana refiller, 190+ Mage can bot here (200k/h)
- Dl Venore full - ,+lot dropper, 100+ mage 80+k/h
- Worker Golems - Nothing to say just 90+ mage
- Hydras - 130+ mage, 110k/h
Darashia Wasp Towers
- Dara wasp tower honeycombs
- dara wasp rune make
+ Darashia Rotworm Caves:
- all dara rots!!!
- West Dara Rots
- No Questions Just WayPoint!
- West Darashia roots
- GS Rots
- Northern Darashia Rotworms
- N darashia rotz first floor
+ Darashia Minotaur Tower:
- Darashia Mino Temple
Rookgaard Scripts
- Premium Rook
- Premmy Side Troll Cave - Rook
- zao/farmine island

[B][U]And more;d[/U][/B]
About 200 scripts have depositer + other options

[left][color="#ff0000"]Pack have instructions, screenshots and other tutorials![/color][/left]



Poziom: 1 HP   0%   0/18
   MP   100%   8/8
   EXP   66%   6/9
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